Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A foray into the unknown

Hello all....and welcome to my first foray into blogging. This blog is an attempt to clear my karma or chakras or really bad luck depending on your specific beliefs.

The blog itself is a small step towards normalacy or at least properly recording the various twists and turns which keep myself and those around me from finding themselves ever properly predicting what might happen next in our lives. The conception of the blog is rather boring, a joke between two friends about how my unlucky life seemed to be rubbing off on her. But its birth comes at a time when I appear to have rubbed off an someone I have just barely begun to know, causing us to become stuck at an airport buying yet another ticket to get to the place we already held a ticket for because we were turned away from our original ticketed flight. (In case you were wondering, we did get a flight voucher for the amount of our original outbound flight, which I proceeded to lose along with my entire purse before I left the blasted city I paid nearly $600 to get to in the first place.)

The term unlucky and upsetting, used by my college roommates to describe the various debaucles we found ourselves in, begins to scratch the surface of the events which will be described here.

There will be more than one narrator as I appear to have infected multiple people with my particular strain of crazy. But fear not, we will figure out a way to differentiate for those who care because otherwise it will seem like we are repeating ourselves as things that happen to me often seem to befall those around me shortly thereafter.

So welcome, good travelers, to a strange and scary place known as my life....


JL said...

i'm glad to see that you're expressing yourself. please change the color of the font. it makes my eyes bleed. i heart you.

Kimberly Magrini said...

dear God that is the first thing i thought when i saw that red font - eyes BLEEDING! haha. i'm so glad you have joined the ranks of us bloggers.