Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Almost Trip to England

This really happened to my friend JM. All of it.

Speeding because of Sculptures

On a recent trip to Vermont for a sad but really worthwhile visit, I found myself driving near Platekill, NY. I like odd named things and also to find odditites while traveling. But my timeline did not allow for stopping. So when I saw a field of metal sculptures that appeared to be brothers with the newest (er?) giangator sculpture along the ben franklin parway in Philly, I became distracted. In fact, I was so distracted that I failed to look for cops.

I received a "conduct interfering with orderly/safe traffic flow" which I received due to my unfailing honesty (Yes, officer, I was probably speeding) but smart omission that I wasn't paying attention (It was because I was looking out the window trying to figure out what those brightly painted hunks of metal are in the that field over there) and the impeccable driving record I have.

Thank you Cornwell Township Policeman whereever you are for given me a semi-warning in lieu of the many points you could have instead bestowed. I will gladly pay my fine (worth a third of the total ticket) and penalties for court interaction (worth the other 2/3) once you mail it back to me.

Turns out the sculpture farm is Storm King. I thought that was the name of the horse.

post script: I have been following all speed limits religiously from that moment, much to the chagrin of the people following me thru Vermont and then NJ on the way back home.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny That Unlucky #1 Should Mention the Passat...

Yesterday, the main blogger to this site left town for a week. In an attempt to help out costs in this economy, I volunteered to pick up the Passat in the Economy Lot of the airport so only a days worth of parking costs would accrue. I, Unlucky #2, work at the airport, so this seemed like a very easy/no stress kind of chore.

After getting passed by 2 buses taking other passengers to lot, I decided to just walk to the car. Seeming to be an easy enough task, I began chatting with my mother to distract me from the fact that it was freezing as I wandered through. About 30 minutes later, a bus pulled up to me and the driver politely asked "Are you lost hunny?" And he gave me directions to walk over the nearest bus shelter and a bus was going to pick me up and take me to the section where Unlucky #1 had told me I would find the car. I quickly ran over to the shelter and told my mother I would call her back as I stepped onto the bus and slipped my phone in my pocket. This bus driver was not as polite but he could me to the correct bus shelter nonetheless. About 30 seconds later, bus driver #2 said "This is your stop ma'am. Watch your step." As I jumped off the bus he pointed to the sign that said G22 which of course was right near where I was standing at K10-ish.

Once the bus pulled away, I began searching around section G22 for The Passat. I finally found it (the alarm was either very quiet or decided not to register that evening) and I unlocked it, sat down and proceeded to call my mother back to let her know the bus driver didn't kill me. I pat myself down and couldn't find my phone. I emptied my bag and couldn't find my phone. I started the car, turned on the lights (I forgot to mention this was around 10:30 pm) and searched the ground near the parking spot for my Nokia 6205 (which I never wish anyone to own). I traced my 1-minute journey from the first bus shelter to The Passat and found nothing.

After 30 minutes of searching I gave up. I proceeded to the exit toll lanes to pay/ask if I had any chance of finding my phone again. The toll booth manager was surprisingly helpful. "Hunny just make a U-turn and drive to the other end of the lot to the bus depot. There's a trailer there with lights. Ask one of them if they've seen it." So I proceeded to drive to the depot. On the way, I passed bud driver #1 who pulled over to me and said "Hunny, are you lost again?!?" I explained what happened and he told me that the bus driver #2 had it and had been trying to find me and to wait there and in about 8 minutes I would have my phone back.

By 11:45 pm, I was in my bed falling asleep...finally. Thank you to the Philly Airport Economy Lot Bus Drivers.