Thursday, February 25, 2010

Speeding because of Sculptures

On a recent trip to Vermont for a sad but really worthwhile visit, I found myself driving near Platekill, NY. I like odd named things and also to find odditites while traveling. But my timeline did not allow for stopping. So when I saw a field of metal sculptures that appeared to be brothers with the newest (er?) giangator sculpture along the ben franklin parway in Philly, I became distracted. In fact, I was so distracted that I failed to look for cops.

I received a "conduct interfering with orderly/safe traffic flow" which I received due to my unfailing honesty (Yes, officer, I was probably speeding) but smart omission that I wasn't paying attention (It was because I was looking out the window trying to figure out what those brightly painted hunks of metal are in the that field over there) and the impeccable driving record I have.

Thank you Cornwell Township Policeman whereever you are for given me a semi-warning in lieu of the many points you could have instead bestowed. I will gladly pay my fine (worth a third of the total ticket) and penalties for court interaction (worth the other 2/3) once you mail it back to me.

Turns out the sculpture farm is Storm King. I thought that was the name of the horse.

post script: I have been following all speed limits religiously from that moment, much to the chagrin of the people following me thru Vermont and then NJ on the way back home.

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