Monday, January 26, 2009

Allergic to relaxation

This weekend I joined 6 others in a spa weekend. It was more of a spa gluttony as the man in charge of the retreat called us "the group who came to OD on spa treatments". In fact, we had sooo many spa treatments that the scrapbooking retreat happening at the same location couldn't book treatments.

We enjoyed such luxuries as hot stone massages and ionizing foot baths.
And when it came time to choose facials, I was so relaxed that I allowed the lady to assist me in choosing. I had never had a facial and informed her that I did have sensitive skin. She gave a list and I chose deep cleansing ($75 when bought seperately as opposed to our package deal) as cleansing and purifying seemed to be theme.

This is my face Sunday morning.

This is my face now.

I have just returned from the dermitologist ($20 copay) who informed me that this may be
A) an allergic reaction ($25 medicine)

2) an acne flare ($30 medicine)

I have also bought a non-irritating soap to be sure my face is clean before my three applications of face creams a day ($10), so I have now paid $75 facial + $ 85 to fix the facial to end up with worse skin than I have ever had in my life. Plus, I am itchy.
I think this means I am allergic to relaxation


JenS said...

I shouldn't laugh.

I shouldn't, but ... it's your expression in the photos. (NOT what happened.)

Jenn / Bing said...


You are soooo pretty.

(the word I have to type in to verify my comment... is 'binglou' how did they know!??)

Kimberly Magrini said...

oh maggie. only you. only you.

bing, the word i have to type in is "smastra" sounds like smash ya. how DO they know?????

Hootie McBoobs said...

This is the EXACT reason why I do not get facials anymore. I always end up with worse skin than when I started. I save my money for HOT STONE MASSAGES! Yes!