Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wardrobe malfunction

My friend ON is a successfully highly motivated business woman. While relatively few unlucky things happen to her as she is the consummate planner of all things, she does have some upsetting items that have recently taken place due to her planning failing her*.

On a recent trip to DC for work to host lunch and meetings, she found herself standing at the train station at 6:57AM waiting for the train here and noticed that she had two right shoes of different black heels.

Let that sink in folks. Two black right heels. Nice. Luckily she was wearing semi-acceptable (although not for a suit) black casual shoes and not uggs.

The text I received at 6:33 PM sealed the deal on the day, however:
"I have just discovered that I have been wearing my undies inside out all day."

7 am waiting for the Acela and realized the shoes were wrong... Not to mention the incessant wedgies all day long... That is quite the upsetting day.

*Planning, I have noticed, eliminates the room for some unlucky things to happen to people. Not necessarily me as the unlucky things that happen to me often have no rhyme or reason behind them. But I am trying to take on planning as a concept to avoid some everyday mishaps and will soon have to post about my first step towards elimination of strife: the day I matched my sock drawer... Stay tuned...


Kentucky said...

I agree about the planning thing...however, I've noticed I have this problem: I like planning, I spend hours doing it and will not stop until I have every last second and breath planned out. The issue is, the next day when the plan is supposed to be implemented, I do not follow it. Thus, planning becomes useless.

I have found no remedy for this, however, I am considering buying myself a shock collar and having someone press the zapper when I get off task.


Jenn / Bing said...


I volunteer to be your zapper presser. No need to thank me, seeing you shake is payment enough.