Thursday, July 2, 2009

David Cassidy and my daily life

My coworkers stayed an extra 30-60 minutes on Tuesday night just to decorate my office, hardhat, laptop and files with pictures of David Cassidy all because I requested very loudly in what might be considered an angry voice that they stop signing "I think I love you" for the fortieth time in two days.

david flowers- scientific name davidus cassidius

my hard hat

even my desk drawers..


singmedavid said...

It sounds like you had a really good sense of humor about it! I personally would love it if someone did that for me! LOL!

Anonymous said...

If you would have loved it, we would not have done it for you. singmedavid - your office would be covered in pictures of Marilyn Manson. Not supposed to enjoy it. BTW it is weird that you like David Cassidy so much.