Monday, August 10, 2009

Personal Health Ass-essment

Today I took my company's mandated Personal Health Assessment. I must take this in order to receive the "discounted" health insurance rate. What they failed to tell me was that I might also have to take a mental health day when I get the report back due to my BMI results.

**Editor's note: This bears a striking resemblance to a report I received in college from a nutrionist who told me the bod pod measuring my body fat percentage must be off because if my BMI is 25 (which made me overweight), then my body fat couldn't be less than 20%. (It was.)

At the time, my coach was trying to convince me to gain ten pounds of muscle bc it would make me a better athlete. That would have made my BMI 26.

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Jenn / Bing said...

ARGH this is such crap - the way our health system is is BS. You have to take a mental health exam b/c of a BOGUS BS TEST?!!

How frekin stupid. I bet the person giving you the test was probably about 30 lbs overweight themselves?